Rock Salt

Rock salt lamps effectively improve the quality of air by producing negative ions - the "vitamins of the air". Negative ions can be found in billions, on mountaintops, water falls, countryside and by the sea. They give the air its invigorating freshness, which is so good for us. Crystal lamps which are illuminated from inside (warm) emit a higher number of ions.

Marble Onyx

Onyx marble Lamps beautiful piece of handicrafts is made from a single piece of onyx or marble. A perfect example of handicrafts. Available in so many marble and onyx stones in many colours. We are continuously developing our own styles as well as producing styles sent by our buyers.


Pakistan has exceptional export potential of minerals due to its significant natural resources.The country is well-endowed with a great number such minerals and metals which include: Bentonite, Barite, Chromite, Manganese, Silica, Halite, Mica, Quartz etc.